Toronto's Arabic language exchange meetups are coming back.

Discover the vibrant multicultural hub of Toronto, where learning a new language becomes an exciting journey right within your city. Join our Arabic language exchange meetups, where native speakers will be your language partners, helping you practice and improve. Whether you're captivated by Arabic cuisine, dance, art, or preparing for an adventure abroad, speaking Arabic opens doors to the rich tapestry of Arabic culture.

Established in 2017 and featured on CBC News, ARABIST's language exchange fosters an inclusive community. Explore more about us, our values, and support our meetups by buying from our online store.

TAA Is For Toronto Collection

Introducing our TAA is for Toronto Collection! Get ready to show off your love for the vibrant city of Toronto with our range of stylish and eye-catching apparel and accessories. Featuring the iconic smiley-like emoji design, which is actually the Arabic letter TAA. With TAA being the equivalent of the English T in Toronto, pronunciation becomes a breeze. This collection is a perfect blend of culture and urban flair.